SenseAware Single Journey

SenseAware Single Journey is a turnkey monitoring service providing peace of mind. We monitor your shipment's end-to-end integrity, location, and security in real time for a single price per journey.

Why SenseAware Single Journey is right for you

With SenseAware Single Journey you can use SenseAware exactly when you need it with no long-term commitment. Whether you use it just one time or on a regular basis, you only pay for each use.

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SenseAware Single Journey Pricing Options


U.S. Domestic

Origin and destination within the U.S.


U.S. International

Origin in the U.S. and destination outside the U.S. in a country where SenseAware is approved for use.

Additional Fees May Apply
NIST-certified device: +$15.00/device. Refrigerated, dry ice, or cryogenic probe: +$25.00/probe
See Terms and Conditions for late returns, lost or damaged devices or probes, changes to the originally scheduled journey, and any Duties and Taxes for international shipments.
Rates apply per shipment per device with one shipment lasting a maximum of seven calendar days.

What's included with SenseAware Single Journey

Use of a SenseAware device to place in your shipment.

Set-up of the journey by a Security Center Specialist based on functionality and features selected by you.

24/7 monitoring of one-way journey from origin to destination.

Alerts to notify you if your shipment is compromised en route.

Online access to view the journey as a "limited observer."

Automatic archiving of data from the journey.

Pre-paid shipping box to return the device to upon completion of the journey.

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